I'm an Educator and Researcher on the intersectionality of Media, Popular Culture, Social Behavior, and Japan. 


My name is Aeric.  (´・ω・) Hello.

Like a number of US kids out of the 80's, I grew up consuming a large amount of fictional and animated media, but didn't realize until an older age that a lot of it was not originally produced in my country. I fall under the generation that has lived through many evolutions of digitalization and the more I was exposed, the more access I had to the world. I wanted to know more about culture and media— why it was being localized for broadcasting, what was the original culture's narrative, how people were connecting through this media, and so on.  

During a Japanese Studies degree and studying/living/researching in Japan, my academic interests centered around Japan, global education, and how people learned from community. I traveled through thirteen (plus) countries to gain a deeper understanding of culture and education, but found people fostered a strong connection through media we commonly knew and consumed— anime and manga. It was in a cafe in Finland, chatting with friends over our favorite Japanese series, that I realized I needed to do more with this globally acknowledged subculture.

I moved on to complete a research based Master's degree (M.A.Ed.H.D.) in International Education and Intercultural Communication, producing research that would address how we learn through media and how it shapes societies and identities. While I worked with hoards of students in study abroad and exchange programs, they often talked about how digitalized media was an educational resource for them outside of the classroom, allowed them to discover parts of their own identities, and connected them with others. It solidified my research interests in the effects of media over society, culture, identity, and education. Clearly we all knew what that meant... Another degree! 

I've landed myself in a Bostonian graduate program. Spending my days in a field known as Emerging Media, I'm rolling all of my previous academic endeavors into one grand design. Current projects are centered around topics on LGBTQ Identities, Social Behavior in Fandom, and Non-Japanese Experiences with Japan. Of course I still frequently present at conventions and events, bringing my research to the giant subculture family from which it originated. Tune in to the 'Blog' section here for updates on what I'm doing and keep your eyes on the landing page for new projects to appear. 


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