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Katsucon 2017


A Day in the Life of a Japanese Student
(1 hour)
From senpai and bento to cram school and the sports clubs. You’ve seen Japanese students featured throughout a number of popular series. In this panel you can learn all about their daily lives and experiences.

Everything You Should Know Before You Go To Japan
What does ‘this’ gesture mean? Where can I study manga? What’s in Nagoya? Does everyone watch Naruto in Japan? When you say the centipedes are deadly, how deadly are we talking about? Just a few things you may want to know before you go to Japan.

Homosexuality in Japanese Media PART 1 (18+)
(1 hour)
This is part one of two panels, thoroughly exploring all portrayals of male/male homosexuality in Japanese history, the arts, contemporary society, and pop culture. We’re packing in more information than ever!

Homosexuality in Japanese Media PART 2 (18+)
(1 hour)
Continuing to take a thorough look at all portrayals of Japanese male/male homosexuality in history, the arts, contemporary society, and pop culture. Come check out part two of the bigger and longer panel series!

Digitalization: Connecting Us to Japan
Japanese pop culture has developed a major presence globally. What can we learn from it? This panel shows how to strengthen your knowledge on Japan through digital means. We will review popular study texts, educational resources, and media outlets to round out your knowledge on everything Japan!

A Guide to Study Abroad in Japan
(1 hour)
Want to study abroad in Japan? Before you hop a plane to the island nation, make sure you’re prepared! This panel offers valuable tips on everything you need to know from applying to daily life to making the most of your experience.

Fandom: Changing Society
(1 hour)
Fandom is regarded as a subculture and community. It has changed how we socialize, identify, and connect. This panel walks through the entire cycle, discussing how fandom is evolving and shaping the media consumed, the process of consumption, and the consumers.

A Career in Japan
(1 hour)
You’ve considered working in Japan, but what all does that entail? This panel guides you through finding the jobs, preparing for the move, life as a foreign resident, ways to build a career there, plus numerous resources.

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